"James joined us as a contractor and quickly grasped our strategy to create a fundraising plan. As a result, I’m pleased to say we’ve enjoyed a direct mail income increase of about 30% over the previous year. In a short space of time, he built a robust grants programme for us, coaching new members of our team to increase the quality of our applications, so that grant income exceeded budget. Of equal importance was that he was fun to work with!"

Parkinson’s New Zealand,
Deirdre O'Sullivan, Chief Executive

"I found James of Nectarfy an excellent choice to develop a business development strategy and supporting frameworks for a new research institute. Based on his highly proficient delivery of the key parts of this, I’m pleased to recommend James for consulting work relating to business development. James applied a great process and handled the project in a highly professional manner, while focusing our efforts on the important opportunities for revenue growth."

Genulin Interactive,
Kevin Sheehy, Director and Co Founder

"I was impressed with James’s depth of knowledge about fundraising and his ability to craft an effective strategy that fits our charity. He took the time to meet with staff and review our past approaches to create an approach to fundraising that is tailored to our goals, size and needs. James was able to source fundraising examples from similar overseas organisations, and it was helpful to gain access to this material.   James is easy to work with, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I would happily work with Nectarfy again, and appreciate the no - nonsense, high quality presentation and plan we received."

Capital Vision Research,
Mike Newman, General Manager

"James is a great help for experienced fundraisers. He understands how many competing demands there are on your time and quickly assesses what is feasible, providing high quality work and helping me take on bigger challenges. He made a big impact right away, without any fuss. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and upbeat. He engaged and motivated the experienced fundraising team about major gifts. I highly recommend James to any organisation that wants strong results, fast."

Jacqui Ritchie, Fundraising Manager

"James listened to our team, understood what we wanted to achieve, and communicated effectively and concisely how to get there; all the while helping to build consensus amongst many stakeholders. James demystified the fundraising process and provided concrete steps on how to achieve our goals. He is a great asset to have on your team."

Community Connections,
John Taylor, Executive Director

“James was great to work with. James bought clear insight to the analysis of our project's strengths and he knows how to build relationships quickly. James captured the values of our work perfectly and allowed us to put our best foot forward when engaging new partners. He is 100% committed to our success and fitted in easily as a valued member of our team."

Ākina Foundation,
Helene Malandain, Project Director, Social Enterprise World Forum 2017